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Plan Services


$19 Per Month

Unlimited $25 Adjustments

Our Silver Plan is designed for patients who are on a maintenance chiropractic care regimen. It allows you the flexibility to chose how often you get chiropractic adjustments, without needing to pay the full price every time!


$79 Per Month

Includes 4 Adjustments Per Month*
Any Additional Adjustments Past the 4th Visit are only $10 each!
*Unused visits do not roll over to the next month

Our Gold Plan is designed for patients with severe pain and/or injuries which require more frequent chiropractic adjustments. This plan includes 4 visits for $79 monthly which can be used at your own pace to help achieve pain relief and welllness as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


$119 Per Month

Unlimited Adjustments!

The most bang for your buck! Our VIP Plan includes unlimited chiropractic adjustments monthly! It is designed for patients with severe cases in which you may need more than once a week visits.

Unable to commit to regular monthly visits?
Our Visit Packages offer
flexibility, cash savings, and best of all, the visits do not expire!
 are ideal for patients who would like to come in according to their schedule and personal needs.

6 VISITS- $209 (Savings of $61)

10 VISITS - $299 (Savings of $151)

20 VISITS - $449 (Savings of $401)

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